Administrative Department

Serves NHCC with all business and administrative needs.

Audio Ministry

Prepares and provides cds, and videos for the ministry.

Baptismal Committee

Teaches and prepares candidates for baptism.


Provides biblical resources, literature, books and bibles for the ministry.

Caregiver Ministry

Serves, nurtures, and follow-up with members in need or crisis.

Christian Educational Training

Biblical education and training of the bible to   establish a firm foundation in the Word of God for believers to grow. This   includes Discipleship Training and Teachers Biblical Training.

Cleaning Crew

Housekeeping and maintenance of the Lord’s house.


To sing praises unto the Lord, and congregation.

Covenant Worshipper Dance Ministry

Praise through the expression of dance.


Maintenance of the church grounds and properties.


To welcome, guide, and direct members and guest as they arrive at church.

Intercessory Teams

To pray and intercede on the behalf of others.

Praise Team

To sing praises unto the Lord and congregation.

Musician’s Corner

Musicians that accompany the choir and praise team.


To maintain order and assistance in all church services.


Volunteers that help with various projects in the ministry as they arise.


Men Of Valor

To enhance and develop spiritual growth in young and   mature men.

W.O.R.D  Women of Rare Distinction Ministry

To enhance and develop spiritual growth in young and   mature women.

Singles Ministry

To enhance and educate spiritual growth for unmarried   individuals.

Marriage Ministry

To enhance and educate spiritual growth to produce   healthy marriages.

Parenting Classes

To teach and train how to raise godly children.

Youth Ministry

To teach and train how to develop spiritual growth for   beginners to teens.

Healing Streams Ministry

Teaches how to acquire, and maintain divine healing   from God.

Effective Communications Seminars

How to minister effectively through various means.

Ministerial Team

How to teach, preach, and reach souls for Christ.

Ambassador Ministry

A partnership program for new members.

Healing Hearts Class

A ministry dedicated to helping overcome the wounds of sexual, and emotional abuse.


Baby Dedications

Babies are dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ. Altar   dedications are for married couples only; other accommodations are made for   single and unmarried couples.


Assistance is provided for those experiencing financial   lack or homelessness. Determination of assistance is on a case by case   basis.


To assist members with funeral services and needs.


A comfort ministry to provide love and support during a   families’ time of loss, crisis, and illness and/or hospitalization.

New Members Orientation

To acquaint new members with the ministry.


To assist members with their wedding plans. Either the   bride or groom, must be a member of NHCC with good standing at the church.   Pre-marital guidance sessions are required.