Praise the Lord Brothers & Sisters In Christ,  

Well, the new year is upon us, and with it comes new challenges.  Don’t fret, keep in mind that we are more than able to overcome every challenge and situation. During our New Year’s Service, our ministry received a Word from the Lord that I feel is very important to set our attitudes in the right direction and keep us on track with the work of the Holy Spirit throughout this year.  The Lord’s message was delivered by Evangelist Malynda Wellington, in her message titled “A Life Without Struggle”.   

Here are some excepts from her message:

1.   When some believers get saved, it appears that they believe that they have received a prison sentence with Christ.  That is simply not the truth.  In Christ, we are entering into the best life we can ever live.

2.   We want our lives to be better without making the neccessary changes for it to be better.

3.   Whatever area in our lives that we are struggling with we will find anger associated with that struggle. Therefore, we must deal with the root cause of our anger to overcome it.

4.   There is a difference between a struggle and a challenge.  A struggle will only produce more struggles.  While a challenge that is responded to correctly will produce new growth and opportunities for the believer.

5.   We need to learn how to walk away from arguments and quarrels that yield no fruit in our lives.

I would highly recommend that you order a copy of Evangelist Wellington’s message for yourself.  It can change your life.

Yours for the Kingdom,