Program History

In 2013, New Hope Christian Center formed a partnership with its neighborhood, in the Maywood, Bellwood, Melrose Park, and greater Chicagoland areas. Volunteers began tutoring students at the Development Center under the direction of the Bishop & Evangelist Wellington. Since that time, The Wednesday Tutoring Program has developed and grown.  Over these beginning years, multiple students have received free tutoring from our volunteers and excelled in there grades.

The Program Today

Currently, The Wednesday Tutoring Program provides free tutoring services for students in grades 1-12 from twenty-one school districts throughout Maywood, Bellwood, Melrose Park, and greater Chicagoland areas. The program occurs in an environment of mutual learning and respect to help students achieve their academic goals.

Our volunteer tutors come from universities, our church congregation, and the community at-large. Tutors and students cover a variety of subjects including math, reading, and science. Tutors focus on


The Development Center Tutoring program thanks the supporters that generously provide volunteers, grants, and in-kind gifts to make the tutoring program possible!